Quezon City
Department of Building Official


Under the legal mandate, the Department of the Building Official implements the National Building Code of the Philippines, its referral codes and other laws and ordinances related thereto; Processes and issues building permits, including ancillary and auxiliary permit applications for all types of structures as required under the code; Conducts inspection of on-going and completed structures as a requirement in the processing and issuance of occupancy and other final permits related thereto; conducts annual inspection of building and other structures to ensure compliance to safety standards to prevent unnecessary loss of life and property; Processes and issues excavation permits for public utilities; Plans, design and imposes building regulatory measures and parameters needed to enhance the city development plans and programs.


To effectively implement building safety standards and ensure that buildings and structures in the Quezon City are not only livable but are properly built and maintained.


To render fast and efficient service in the evaluation of building permits without sacrificing safety and ensure compliance of building owners to safety standards through intensified safety inspections.


Administrative Division
8988-4242 local 8905

Construction Permits Division
8988-4242 local 8902

Final Permits Division
8988-4242 local 8903

Annual Building Inspection Division
8988-4242 local 8910

Investigation and Adjudication Division
8988-4242 local 8904

Sign Board and Utilities Division
8988-4242 local 8911

Technical Compliance Evaluation Unit
8988-4242 local 8909

One Stop Shop for Construction Permits (OSSCP)
8988-4242 local 1401

Online Building
Permit Application
8988-4242 local 8905/8907/8916
Application Status Verification